Save Money – 10 Innovative Money Saving Tips

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Saving money is more of an art than science. Here are some creative ways to save money in everyday life without compromising the standard of living.

Money can be saved without being stingy and without compromising on the quality of life. All it needs is a commitment to save and some creative ideas that can save a significant amount of money in the monthly household budget. The following are some innovative money saving ideas that could be practically applied in the everyday life.

Money Saving Tips in Everyday Life

Opt for Do-It-Yourself or DIY projects wherever possible. Ordinary home repairs and maintenance, fixing electrical or mechanical appliances that require minor repair, lawn mowing, car, furniture and carpet cleaning, party or festival decorations are some areas where self-help can save a good amount of money.

Carry bottled water from home whenever going out alone or with the family. It can be a reasonable savings especially if going for outings or picnics with kids. Instead of buying packaged water from outside, it is much cheaper to carry filtered water from home.

For family outings, carry home-made snacks, or buy packaged snacks and beverages from price clubs instead of purchasing on the spot from vending machines. Everything is sold from a vending machine usually carries a higher price. Most snack bars at picnic spots, parks and other places also sell snacks at a higher price than what is available in the supermarkets.

Cut down the gifting expenses by re-gifting the items received from others. Some gifts may not be of use to oneself, but they may be very useful for someone else. Therefore, creative re-gifting exercise can save money without compromising on the quality of gifts to the dear ones.

Make a habit of looking for big ticket purchases on e-commerce websites such as eBay. Electronic items, kitchen utilities, furniture and fittings can be bought out at bargain prices sometimes from such reliable online platforms.

Money Saving Tips for Long-term Benefits

Re-negotiate the fixed charges on items such as insurance, mobile phone, gas and electricity bills, broadband Internet charges and rental costs. If re-negotiation is not possible, consider the options available that can help to consolidate services and reduce the charges. If there are cheaper schemes for new subscribers, switch to those schemes instead of continuing with the original, expensive scheme.

Explore timeshare vacations, house swapping opportunities and low-cost travel packages for leisure trips with the family. If the bookings are made much in advance, considerable money can be saved on travel as well as stay costs with low priced deals.

Instead of continuing with an expensive gym membership, consider using a treadmill and other equipment at home. In case there is need for more austere measures to save money, consider jogging, yoga and simple fitness exercises. These healthy habits come for free and do not require any equipment or maintenance.

Check carefully for an eligibility for rebates on taxation and tax credits that may apply. Ignoring such benefits just because one is not aware is a careless approach. A diligent effort is required to minimize tax expenses and maximize tax benefits. It is also important to file taxes on time to avoid penalty charges later on.

Avail maximum possible advantage of 401k benefits to save money and save the taxation costs. This tip is useful in the United States, and similar tax saver schemes are available in most other countries as well.

A Commitment to Save Money

Money can be saved when there is a serious commitment towards building a secure future or doing smart retirement planning. The best way to do it is to set money saving goals for each month or each year, and tailor the home budget accordingly. There are a number of practical ways to save money, and different ways may suit different families. But ultimately, it is the conscious implementation of money saving ideas and household budgetary discipline that can lead to a prosperous future.

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